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Solemar is synonymous with Excellence, Quality,
Experience and Passion for the sea.

The Solemar brand was born in the 80s, taking up a unique challenge that still combines excellence, desire for innovation, intuition and passion. Solemar has been the first brand to develop cabin inflatable boats, positioning itself directly as an international leader in this type of product.


Since 2007 Solemar has been part of the Arimar group, already well known for the import and the distribution of Furuno electronic equipment, as well as for the production of life rafts. The headquarters was moved from Piedmont to Cervia (RA).(On the left the previous logo)

In 2022 a group of entrepreneurs from Bergamo bought from Lalizas the brand Solemar and the Solemar Italia Srl company was born.

A great return with great investments behind, which include molds, projects and a team of professionals with great passion for boating and, above all, for the product itself.

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 Solemar Italia SX Line

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 Solemar Italia SE Line

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Solemar SX  34'       from € 198,000.oo

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SX34, with its almost 11 meters in length, proves to be a versatile model and it immediately stands out for its majesty and elegance: asymmetric with comfortable side passage, on the starboard side we find a tridimensional console inspired by the automotive, modern and well-studied. At the helm the owner can enjoy a comfortable driver’s seat dedicated to him. The driver seat gives him a lot of importance and it proves to be very comfortable; by turning and moving, it becomes an additional seat at the table. The hull is high and, together with the handrail and the two side wings, it helps to spread a feeling of safety to all those who get on board.

At the bow and stern we find large sundeck with comfortable and enveloping backrests: in the cockpit, the table falls down and, with the addition of the additional cushion, creates a comfortable relaxation area, usable to guests. Both bow and stern areas can be shaded thanks to the rollbar: with front awning -facing the bow- and with the two carbon poles for the aft area.

On the left side, a bar corner, very convenient and strategic, to be used during the days at anchor with friends and family, as well as in port.

The stern side platforms facilitate the access to the sea.

A small cabin below deck, with bed and bathroom cabinet, with the access through the entrance on the console.

To make Solemar products unique, we have chosen four different possibilities of cushions: each of them gives a different touch to the boat, but all are united by a strong identity, which contains the company’s values and passion for Solemar.

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Solemar SX  30       from € 128,500.oo

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SX30 is the daily model par excellence: well defined lines that, at the same time, create harmony in the product. Here, too, the asymmetric line of the brand is taken up, allowing a comfortable lateral passage, which goes to enlarge and optimize the space on board.

The console, completely redesigned, is comfortably organized without losing its beauty and, the front windshield this time also stretches sideways, on the starboard side, going both to particularize the model, is to break the air for those who are driving.

Next to the driver’s seat, we find the bar, located in a strategic and convenient position with fridge-sink and hob: a great possbility to serve guests at the table, without disturbing the passage. The dining table quickly transforms into a sundeck, thanks to the folding table and additional cushion, giving guests a comfortable relaxation area.

At the bow, however, we find a large full beam sundeck and a comfortable chaise-long, ideal to relax in total comfort and enjoy the navigation. The back of the chaise-long opens laterally and leads to a compartment with a bathroom, which is very convenient for daily trips, to ensure guests a stay in total comfort.