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The newest unit - Balt 818 Titan - is a technological success, ahead of time - figuratively and literally - all floating houseboat boats. This is the first houseboat with a half-slip hull, 8 m long - providing in emergency situations (weather breakdown, collision course with a larger unit on the river or in the harbor, a strong current of the river, unfortunate event) - adequate power and speed to avoid the danger. The Speed of 25 km / h, it will guarantee pleasant and safe transport to the most beautiful places of selected rivers, lakes, lagoons or bays. The most common Balt 818 Titanium will be used for swimming at speeds of around 4-6 km / h, offering users silence, freedom, savings and the most important - the joy of every moment spent on the water, regardless of the weather - thanks to the stylish new concept.

Titanium 818



OUTBOARD Versions;

          Displacement Drive

          * 40 HP Engine .         10-17 Km/h

          Semi-Plaing Drive

          * 60 HP Engine .         14-22 Km/h

          Planing Drive

          * 90 HP Engine .         14-25 Km/h


INBOARD Versions (Nanni Diesel);

          * 40 HP Engine .         Testing

          * 35 HP Engine .         Testing

          * 60 HP Engine .          20 Km/h


PS: Please note that the speed depends on the weight, crew, equipment, liquids and water on which the boat is used as well as atmospheric conditions like wind etc.


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