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TUGGY BOAT - New Building

Basic Characteristics:

 Length overall             : 4.95 m
 Length on Water Line: 4.80 m
 Breadth moulded       : 2.29 m
 Draught                        : 0.36 m
 Full Displacement       : 1.5 t
 Lightship Weihgt         : 0.7 t
 Engine power (max)   : 25 HP 
 Speed max                  : 12 knt
 Capacity                   : 5 persons
 Bed Capacity           : 2
 Building Material    : PolyEpoxy

Small pleasure boat with a tug shape hull form,

providing the users the advantages of tug boats such as;

* stability

*  resistance

* wide deck area


Easy to own one; Price starting from € 12.500,0

Easy to maintain;                 Fiberglass building

Pre-Order Now!!! Click Here (( Delivery start at July 2016 ))

Price Starting from; € 12.500,0


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Suppliers & Partners;

Marintek Store

Design & Building:


"Tuggy Boat", while designed entirely to real Tugboat principle, stability and characteristics that care has been taken to be appropriate.
Despite having only 4.95 meters long, 5-person capacity as spacious areas and while the cabin for the night stay and, at the same time on the cruise or anchorage has a very stable and balanced structure.


12 separate molds used for building of Tuggy Boats with CE conformity fiberglass hand lay. Shell thickness & reinforcement distance made the hull strong & rigit but also we care during design stage of layout to ensured that the boat's at maximum balance.


Layout and Materials:


As it can be seen in the layout, despite being such a small size (but very safe) boat's presents; bright and spacious sleeping area, sitting areas for 5 people in several variations, comfortable walking areas.


All materials and equipment carefully selected from international brands. and Guarantee of the products applicable internationally. 


Owner have a lot option for customization of the boat from color to equipment..


We are presenting 5 Years hull and structer Guarantee for our Tuggy Boat.

Engine Options:

Engine - Consumption - Range :


Propulsion engine has three options;

inboard diesel engines or outboard petrol engine or electric motor for green energy.


Thanks to the design and stability of the vessel hull that has a very low fuel consumption. For example; with 100 liter fuel tank, base on diesel engine option, Tuggy Boat cruising range will be over 350 nautical miles.

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