Our boats are constructed from various proven composite formulas. Below the waterline, the outside layer of ISONPG Gelcoat is backed by a layer of vinylester which is impervious to water penetration and osmosis blistering. The general laminate that accounts for the structure of the hull, deck, and liner is a triaxial stack of unidirectional e-glass, hand-laid. Parts of the bow stem, rudder blades, and keel foil are unidirectional carbon fiber with a vinylester matrix. Our keel trunks are laminated as a part of the hull, as the hull is laid up. When the trunk is bonded to the deck, the result is an extremely rigid structure. There are no coring materials below the waterline and there are no cores that are not impervious to water anywhere on our boats.


Hull To Deck Joint

Each of our boat models have hull to deck joints that are mechanically and chemically joined. Each model has a hull flange designed for maximum mating surface with the deck. The 26RK hull flange is an inverted “J” style. The hull turns outward and downward at the gunnel, and the deck turns downward as well.

The 32RK model has inward turned hull flanges mated to the deck. The hull to deck joints on all models are extremely strong and watertight.


Keel Winch Mechanism

Our keels are housed in a trunk and moved vertically by a 12 volt winch mounted in a water tight box above deck. An ultrahigh strength synthetic cable 1.4 times stronger and 15 times lighter than comparable stainless cable, is routed from the winch drum through a series of stainless turning blocks to provide mechanical advantage to raise or lower the keel.  Our 32RK and 26RK models use 3 turning blocks, all with a 12,000 lb. rating. All components are designed to far exceed any load placed on them and are chosen to be maintenance free and durable in a salt-water environment. All components of the keel winch mechanism are easily accessible. Keel position is controlled via toggle switch from the cockpit.


Keel and Bulb

Our keels are constructed with hand laid outer skins of fiberglass and an inner core of polyester composit. There is no foam or coring material of any kind in the foil. Our bulbs are solid lead castings, and are joined to the keel by stainless threaded rods embedded in the foil. The rods run the length of the foil and through the bulb, and are capped at pockets at the bottom of the bulb with washer and nut. The cast lead bulbs are epoxy coated for better antifoulant adhesion. There are three 5/8” treaded stainless rods for the 32rk and 26rk models.


Yanmar Diesel

Our 32RK has a Yanmar diesel as standard equipment. The 26RK has a diesel or outboard options. The diesel choice for the 26RK is a Yanmar 2YM15 fresh water cooled two cylinder engine producing 15hp. When opting for outboard power, we recommend you purchase your motor from a dealer near you, and suggest a long or extra-long shaft model of approximately 7-9 hp. When outboard power is your choice, we supply an adjustable motor bracket on the transom at no charge.

The 32RK diesel is a Yanmar 3YM-30, producing 29 hp. This is a 3 cylinder engine.

All of our diesels are heat exchanger cooled, and have conventional prop shaft drives, with dripless shaft logs.



A gensets is available on our 32RK  model. Our gensets are single cylinder diesel powered, 4.2kw rated and fresh water cooled. They are housed in sound proofed compartments and are easily accessed for service.

Details : 26RK

Nicely Equipped at $98,500


The Seaward 26RK is set apart from others in her size and class by her spacious and open cabin, effective use of space and superb performance capabilities. Like all of our sailboats, the 26RK offers an adjustable keel and rudder.  With a draft range between 15” and 6’ you can adjust the keel from the cockpit to suit water depth as shallow as 18″ yet be extremely capable offshore.  Low center of effort sailplan and center of gravity, considerable hull form stability and ballast low in a bulb at the keel’s lower tip provides great stability. Clean underbody and high aspect foils assure high levels of performance on all points of sail. Standard, she comes nicely equipped.  Freedom to SAIL WITHOUT BOUNDARIES in style and comfort!

Details : 32RK

Nicely Equipped at $198,000


Inspired by the vast water geography of Florida, our Seaward 32RK is the perfect performance/cruiser combination. Generous in space and thoughtful in design our 32RK offers unique teak wood and stainless finishings and accents. Her cabin is comfortable and bright with eight opening ports and two deck hatches, allowing sufficient natural light to shine in. With capacity to sleep four comfortably, she is well appointed for a long journey or a day on the beach. From cooking to showering, and eating to relaxing, we understand your needs in each calculated design.

Never before has a sailboat performed with such distinction yet been so easy to trailer. Her keel not only enhances performance but affords flexibility and ease. With a draft range between 20” and 6’6” she rides close to the wind in deep waters and provides the flexibility and safety to sail in shallow conditions. Come aboard the 32RK and let’s talk about how to realize your dream of owning a quality sailboat that will take you where you want to sail without boundaries.



General Deck Construction

Seaward Rudder Operation