Since 2008, we are serving for social responsibility projects and one of them is "Bogazimiza Takilanlar" which comon project held with CARAT MEDIA - TR.

The aim of the our project : " Keep the Istanbul Bosphorus Canal free of waste " and that project celebrating 11th year @ 2019. For more details, please visit to http://www.bogazimizatakilanlar.com/


We have already ;

- Reach to 20 million people ( almost 1/4 of the Turkish population)

- Collect around +10.000 Kg garbage (means that around 10.000 plastic bottle)

- Around +600 volunteers

- Spend over +4.000 Hours at sea for cleaning activities

- get support of media and news line around value of US$ 2M


2019 C0-SPONSORs

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