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The Shipyard

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Yacht Range

The Craft

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Couach has at its disposal one of the largest shipyards, with more than 70,000 square meters of surface. It houses spaces for thought, creation and production, with offices, a research and development laboratory, showrooms, carpentry outfitting, composite and production workshops. Almost 30 trades work together every day.

Our approach - TAYLOR MADE


Owning a Couach involves crafting a yacht from A to Z. Couach care about their owners beyond design, until realization. We always place the Owner at the center of the project. Our customers have their own lifestyle, tastes and needs. Thus, each and every Couach yacht results from a customization process with creative tailor-made answers, giving life to a work of art that is as unique as each one of our Owners.

Our approach - EXPERIENCE


We are very proud to be able to offer, as well as our traditional French craftsmanship, the latest advances in technology and engineering.
For over 120 years, Couach has created custom-built yachts and for that reason, everything is possible. Our clients know they can rely on us.

Unique Atelier


The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their trade. That’s why Couach believes in recruiting experienced workers as well as young talents giving them continuous training throughout their careers. Behind each of our yachts lies the discreet expertise, fervor, and humility of 300 people. Satisfying the expectations of our clients who’s every different demand requires a great diversity of talents and a long-term approach. We believe in challenges, and in perfection. We believe in these men and women who are, our pride. We believe in each individual's talent.

Our approach - UNIQUE


We are one of the few shipyards to keep all of their workshops in-house. 300 people imagine, think, draw, study, develop and then, create new boats according to the specific expectations of each of our clients. They can choose every detail of their future Safe Heaven, from design, engineering, arrangement, furniture, materials, up to the choice of handles, switches, the color of the stitching of the sofas or the embroidery of the linen. We have responded to the most challenging requests.

Combining tradition, innovation, savoir-faire and elegance, France remains undoubtedly the benchmark in luxury.

If La Maison Couach is illustrious in many tades, the handcrafted interiors depict the identity of Couach.

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